J Bar Mfg.

A family owned and operated implement manufacturer since 1972.

17877 Highway 27 N. Trion, GA 30753

Phone: (706)734-7351

Fax: (706)734-3449

Email: jbarsales@live.com

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm
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J Bar

Disc Harrow Parts


DHA3- 18 1/4" Axle for 3 Disc Gang

DHA4- 26" Axle for 4 Disc Gang

DHA5- 33 1/2" Axle for 5 Disc Gang

DHA42- 31 1/4" Axle for B700 1620B w/ 9" spacing

DHA52- 34" Axle for B700 5 Disc Gang

DHA53- 40 1/4" Axle for B700 9" spacing 5 Disc Gang

DHA6- 41 3/4" Axle for B700 6 Disc Gang

DH16-16" DH18-18" DH20"-20 DHC1- Cast Bearing Cap DHS1- Cast Spool (Greased Bearing)
DHL1- Cast Nut Lock DHL2- Nut Lock Bend ANX1- Axle Nut
SP3- 3/4" Spacer 3 1/8" Length SP1-1/4" Spacer 2 3/8" Length DHS2- 7 1/2" Cast Spacer
GH1- Gang Hanger for Greased Bearing DHF1- Flangette for Sealed Bearing
CP1- 2x5 Connector Plate