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J Bar Rotary Cutters

All cutters come with standard J Bar Flex Hitch & quality workmanship.

J Bar Standard Rotary Cutter

14 gauge deck in 4 ft.

12 Gauge deck on 5 & 6 ft.

40HP gearbox

3" A-frames

Blade Master (blade carrier) is 1/2" thick steel plate & carries a lifetime warranty

Heat treated free swinging blades

Packed rubber laminated tailwheel

Shear pin PTO

Includes PTO shaft

Available Models:

SRM4L 4ft. 330 lb

SRM5L 5ft. 412 lb

SRM6 6ft. 561 lb

4 ft. Standard model (4ft Standard pictured above)
(5 ft Standard Pictured above)
5 ft. Standard model
J Bar Heavy Duty Rotary Cutter

3/16" 7 gauge deck

40HP gearbox

3" A-frames

Round Blade Master can hold up to four blades

(comes standard with two blades)

Heat treated free swinging blades

Packed rubber laminated tail wheel

Shear pin PTO

Includes PTO shaft

Available Models:

HRM5 5ft. 543 lb

HRM6 6ft. 667 lb

(5 ft. Heavy Duty Pictured above)
(5 ft Premier Pictured above)
J Bar Premier Rotary Cutter

This cutter has the same round Blade Master and 3/16" 7 gauge steel deck as the Heavy Duty model.

Heavy duty easy pin adjustment tail wheel assembly

Packed rubber laminated tail wheel

Square tubing back brace

4 inch A-frames

5 ft. with 40 HP gearbox, shear pin PTO, PTO shaft included

--5ft. & 6ft. available with 75 HP gearbox featuring a heavier duty PTO shaft with bolt-on slip clutch

Available Models:

PRM5 5 ft. 675 lb

PRM5-75HP 5 ft. 725 lb.

PRM6-75HP 6ft. 900 lb

(6ft Premier with 75HP gearbox pictured above)
J Bar 7 ft. Condor Rotary Cutter

7 Gauge 3/16" deck

75 HP Gearbox

2 Tail wheel assemblies

2 packed rubber laminated tailwheels

Heavy-Duty PTO shaft with slip clutch

Square tubing back brace and tail wheel assemblies

Easy pin adjustment tail wheel assemblies

Available Model:

CD7 7ft. Approx 1300 lb

J Bar Scorpion Rotary Cutter


Vary your cutting heights with the pull of a pin

Avoid scalping and scraping over rough terrain with 4 adjustable wheels

All cutters have our Blade Master

40 HP gearbox

Shear pin PTO

Includes PTO shaft

These cutters come stadanrd with 8" smooth wheels or 10" laminated wheels. 10" smooth wheels available for an additional charge.

Available Models:

4RM2- 4 ft. model with 2 blades

4RM4- 4 ft. model with 4 blades

5RM2- 5 ft. model with 2 blades

5RM4- 5 ft. model with 4 blades

6RM2- 6 ft model with 2 blades

6RM4- 6 ft. model with 4 blades

The Blade Master
All of our rotary cutters use a 1/2" thick flat plate. These plates are thicker and less prone to bend than the thinner pan style "stump jumper" .

Pictured below are the two styles we use and the models they are used on.

DC55 Round Blade Master

Used on:






All Scorpion cutters

DC44 Oval Blade Master

Used on: