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J Bar Economy and Standard Box Scrapes
Economy Box Scrape

The J Bar economy line is a new concept designed with the price conscious consumer in mind. The same features you need in a box scrape are available at a lower price. You can choose between 3 different ripper heights with the pull of a pin. Comes with standard replaceable weld-on blade.

  • Easy pin adjustment
  • Weld on blade
  • 3/16" side panels
  • 2" A- frames
  • 1 back brace
  • Available in black or orange


Available Models:

EC480 4ft. 181 lbs

EC605 5ft. 212 lbs

EC725 6ft. 247 lbs

Standard Box Scrape

The J Bar Standard box scrape stands out above its competition. Built with quality materials and expert workmanship, the J Bar Standard box scrape is engineered to give maximum scraping action with minimum side leakage. The rippers have three position holes at the top away from the points of stress. This makes them easier to change, less susceptible to jamming and much stronger than rippers with notches. Both the front and rear blades are 1/2” x 6” forged steel, reversible for double wear time.

  • Bolt on Reversible Blade
  • 4 ft. model has bolt on blade in front- not in back
  • 5, 6, & 7 ft. have bolt on blades front & back
  • Easy Pin adjustment
  • 1/4" side panels
  • 3 " A frames
  • 2 back braces
  • Available in black or orange

Available Models:

BB490 4ft. 323 lbs

BB600 5ft. 401 lbs

BB730 6ft. 448 lbs

BB850 7 ft. 513 lbs

Heavy Duty Box Blade
  • 3/8" side panels
  • bolt on reversible blades front & back
  • 1/2" x 3" A frames
  • square tubing back brace
  • clevis style hook up
  • 3/4 " rippers

Available Models:

BB490HD 4 ft. 363 lbs

BB600HD 5ft. 471 lbs

BB730HD 6 ft. 523 lbs

BB850HD 7 ft. 583 lbs.

BB960HD 8 ft. 632 lbs.